Monthly subscription startup SweatyBox pivots from Activewear to Fitness Essentials.

If you're an avid follower of the subscription box market, then SweatyBox must be one your most watched list. In the past month, SweatyBox not only emerged out of private BETA with what looks like a HIT product, the team quickly pivoted from an activewear-focused box to a fitness essentials box to better serve their community and brand sponsors.


"We feel we have better positioning in the market serving fitness essentials" Says Director of business development Jessi Francis on the recent move. We asked some additional questions and quickly found that the SweatyBox team is well equipped with the technology and resources to bring this type of product to market.


"Our goal is to reach 1000 customers by year end. We feel we have a better chance of reaching that goal by leveraging the fitness essentials market over the slightly crowded activewear space". Says Jessi Francis on the company's growth targets. 


Stay tuned on our blog for more. SweatyBox is a start-up in NYC focused on Fitness Essentials. SweatyBox is hiring, for HR inquiries, please contact

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  • I love the concept of your box but I’m not really seeing it in the box. I just received my first box and received 2 hairsprays a moisturizer and a hair tie. Nothing to do with fitness. I really really want something that has beauty and fitness. I actually signed up because the box I saw in your add looked awesome especially since it included headphones.