SweatyBox lowers price to $10 a month to widen circulation and lure brands.

With bold moves comes great success and it looks to be that SweatyBox is making one of those moves today. SweatyBox is officially lowering the price of their monthly subscription box to $10 a month to widen circulation and lure brands in the hopes of sponsored placement.


"We're shifting away from wholesale and into brand sponsored placement" says Jessi Francis, Director of business development and founder at SweatyBox. The new pitch to brands will be to offer new to market items or small-size samples at no-cost in exchange for reaching wider audiences outside of their brands own influence. Now that SweatyBox is lowering their price to $10 a month, their sales should increase exponentially and brands should start seeing a real up-tick in brand awareness and purchase-order volumes. 


"We're running very large-scale ad campaigns that sponsor and champion these brands as the highest quality - which we believe they are. And we think that's very valuable to brands" Says head of product and growth Conrad Schulman at SweatyBox.


The price reduction is here to stay and we couldn't be more excited. Off to order me another SweatyBox!

SweatyBox is a startup in NYC focused on Fitness Essentials. 


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  • I ordered and paid for my first sweaty box on 3/29. As of yet I have not received. Status is unfulfilled. Why is this?