A subscription box that offers more, Sweatybox offers fitness box with beauty twist

For all beauty addicts out there, there's a new beauty box in town. And we're not talking about just another birchbox or ipsy, we're looking at a new era of beauty box subscriptions. First off, the boxes give you more than your average box - not only more product, but that top product that can actually make a difference for your look, the one given to you by an expert. Secondly, this box covers more than just your average beauty box of foundation, nails and lip gloss, the sweatybox tackles beauty by category - hair, skin, nails, makeup, fragrance, and tying them all together. 
For the first set of boxes, the beauty focus has been on nourishing hair and skin, offering top notch products to be used together to make a great balancing look. Each month will cover another section of the beauty proccess, next month being more about lips and eyes, then nails and skin..etc. 
The team at sweatybox has some serious beauty knowledge to share, and mixed with fitness essential must-haves, this new box idea not only leaves you feeling great, it has useful and fun items for your and your loved ones to use, and stay active. 
We're excited about the new brands we're featuring in our new boxes, offering more discovery of cutting-edge brands that have such great use for today's skin, hair, nails and everything beauty. The team's emphasis on usable beauty and the know-how behind the right products will leave members not only feeling better than most, but also looking better! So grab a sweatybox and take advantage of the newest source of beauty/fitness essentials tips and products.

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